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IOSH Temporary Works Co-ordinator - (Management and Supervision of Temporary Work)

IOSH Temporary Works Co-ordinator-The Management and Supervision of Temporary Works

 Duration: 1 Day

Target audience

 Managers and Supervisors responsible for any type of temporary works


 To provide delegates with an understanding of the safety risks associated with temporary works and the company’s procedures for ensuring that temporary works are designed, constructed, maintained and dismantled safely.


 By the end of the training, delegates will have a good working knowledge of :-

  • The scope of temporary works in construction and their associated risks.
  • Relevant safety standards – legislation, guidance BS5975 2019 and company procedures.
  • The role of the Temporary Works Co-ordinator in implementing the above safety standards.
  • The role of the Temporary Works Supervisor.
  • The risk based approach to the classification of temporary works.
  • How to write a Design Brief.
  • Know when design checks are required.

Content to be covered:


  • Definitions
  • Examples of Temporary Works.
  • Legislation
  • Origin of Temporary Works
  • Case History
  • Identifying Temporary Works at tender stage
  • Appointments
  • Classifications
  • Duties of the Temporary Works Co-ordinator
  • Duties of others involved in temporary works
  • Role of the Temporary Works Supervisor
  • Ground conditions and site investigation
  • Scaffolding
  • Formwork and False Work
  • Crane Outriggers
  • Summary
  • Exam


 A written assessment will take place at the end of the course:

Delegates must complete the written assessment and must achieve a minimum of 60%

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